As the landscape changes colour from the golden leaves of autumn fluttering on the ground to the cold crisp white of winter we have to consider the changing needs of our pets.  As responsible pet owners we have to help our precious pets to adapt to the change in temperature and make sure that they are protected from the dangers that winter can bring.  Here is a simple guide to caring for your pet dog during this cold season:-

Be Visible In The Dark

 It is vitally important that both you and your dog can be seen by drivers and other pedestrians, especially if you tend to walk along dark country lanes.  You can make sure that you are visible by wearing a reflective jacket and a head torch.  Your pet also needs to be able to be seen by passers by too, this can be achieved simply by putting a light up dog collar round your dog’s neck.  The most popular and effective light up collar we have in stock is the LEUCHTIE standard LED dog collar which is simply slipped over your dog’s neck and is available in a range of colours.  Not only does it make your dog look like a disco diva it also make him extremely visible. Make sure that your dog is on a lead at all time so that you can keep complete control of him.

Walking In The Cold Rain Or Snow

Our shoes are prone to getting muddy, damp and gritty when we walk outside in winter so imagine the effect it has on the paws of our pets.  Make sure you towel dry your dog when you get home if they get wet so that they do lose heat through damp fur.  Consider getting a winter coat for your dog, the Danish Design, 2-in-1 Dog Coat has a removable fleece lining and has a reflective strip so that it protects from the cold and makes your pet very visible at the same time.  Trim the fur between your dogs toes or train him to wear dog boots to stop painful snowballs forming in the fur.  Allow you pet to have access to shelter and don’t leave them outside for too long.  Never leave your dog in a freezing cold car as this can lead to hypothermia and is as fatal as leaving him in a boiling hot car. Also be wary of salt and antifreeze as both are dangerous for your pets.

Keep Your Pet Warm And Well Fed

It is important that you take into consideration your pet’s changing needs in the cold temperature.  Your dog will tend to slow down more and become less active to conserve energy to keep him warm.  Make sure that you keep your dog hydrated and give him enough food to give him the energy to rest.  Keeping your pet indoors is the best way to make sure that they avoid the dangers of cold weather.  You could set up a little shelter for him to hide in to escape from the rest of the family and provide a heat source such as a Snugglesafe Heat Pad Pet Bed Warmer With Free Cover which will be a safer option for your pet than snuggling up to a hot radiator or open fire.

If you have any further questions to ask about caring for your dog in winter please don’t hesitate to contact us at 4 Pets Store and we will be happy to offer advice.