Good dental care is imperative for maintaining a dog’s overall health.  It is recommended that you check your dogs teeth around about every week or so to make sure all is ok.  The good news is that, unlike us humans, dogs are not as prone to suffering with cavities but they are still at risk of plaque, tartar and gum disease.  If left untreated these could lead to much more serious problems and diseases. So here are a few tips to on how to look after your dog’s oral health:

1. Cleaning teeth - You may do this yourself or perhaps the groomer or vet may do. It is a good idea to first introduce it at puppy age, this way your dog will get used to it much faster.  Ideally this should be carried out regularly, it is recomended a few times a week, however every dog is different and some do not require their teeth cleaning as much. Remember not to use human toothpaste as this is poisonous to dogs.

2. Food - A well balanced diet is one of the best ways to ensure good oral health for your dog.  Any of our quality dry food will help to both clean teeth and prevent tartar build up.  Dry food is better at removing plaque than wet food so if you feed your dog a diet of predominantly wet food then try mixing in some dry too.

3. Chew toys - Chew toys can satisfy your dog's desire to bite on things whilst also strengthening his teeth.  They can also help massage the gum and remove plaque build up.  Our Green & Wilds Natual Chew Root is a natural and healthy untreated eco friendls dog chew which is available in sizes to suite all sizes of dog.  Remember not to give your dog anything that is going to be too small too for them.

4. Warning signs - Keep an eye out for any of the following things which could suggest a problem and consult a vet if you are concerned:

Bad breath

Swollen gums

Difficulty chewing

Loss of appetite

Excessive drooling

Pawing at the face or mouth