The Summer is fantastic because we can enjoy the outdoors in the beautiful weather and walking our dogs is so much nicer when the sun is shining.  However the Sunny weather also means that there is so much more going on which can sometimes scare a normally relaxed dog, causing him to run uncontrollably on to the road.  Did you know that dog owners a liable to pay compensation if their dog causes a car accident?  

Compensation Claims

When questioned 48% of a sample of people said that they would claim compensation if their car was damaged or they suffered personal injury due to a car accident involving a dog. Also the cost of treating a dog after a car accident is 50 - 70% more expensive than normal treatments.  2.4 million drivers have had accidents involving a dog running in front of their car and 190,000 of them have sought to claim damages.  Approximately 500,000 dog owners may not be aware that they are liable for the damage their dog may cause. (source

EZYDog Leads

Apart from the financial cost of a dog involved in an accident there is also the possibility that your dog may suffer long term health problems or even die as a result of his injuries.  The driver of the vehicle will also be feeling guilty and upset that they have hurt an animal.  It is much better to try and prevent an accident happening in the first place.  At home you should make sure that your dog is properly secured so that it cannot escape and cause an accident.  When you are taking your dog for a walk you should make sure that you invest in a good quality dog lead.  EZYDog  Leads specialise in producing dog leads for many different types of dogs and situations.  

EZYDog Quick Fit Harness

A harness enables to make your dog feel more secure as well as making it easier to attach and detach the lead.  An EZYDog Quick Fit Harness allows you to quickly secure your dog and is extremely adjustable so that you can make sure that it fits perfectly.  It is available in six sizes and all of the EZYDog colours.  With an EZYDog Quick Fit Harness you can be confident that your precious pet will be safe and controllable.

EZYDog Zero Shock Leash

As well as a good fitting harness an EZYDog Zero Shock Leash with give you full control of your pet.  Easily attached to a harness you can enjoy the freedom the flexible elasticated leash gives your dog as well as benefitting from the greater control of a road harness all in one.  Again the EZYDog Zero Shock Lead comes in a variety of colours to suit your favourite pair of shoes.

If you would like to find out more information about the EZYDog products we stock to keep your dog safe this summer please contact us by clicking the link.