Bringing your new dog or puppy home for the first time is so exciting and a little bit nerve wracking because it is a fresh start for the whole family. Making sure that you are fully prepared and have everything your new pal needs will make the welcome so much more successful.  It is very tempting to spend a small fortune on equipment that you may or may not use when in fact you only need a few essential items that will help you to look after your pooch.

Essential Equipment

We have compiled a list of essential equipment, as suggested by the RSPCA, to help you prepare for your pet.

  • Bean bag bed.

  • Identity tag.

  • Dog Toys.

  • Basic grooming kit.

  • Good quality leads.

  • Collar.

  • Food bowl.

  • Good quality food.

Luxury Dog Bed

There are so many designs and styles of dog bed that will suit both your dogs comfort needs and your aesthetic needs. Obviously your dog won’t mind what colour or pattern its bed is as long as it is comfortable.  You on the other hand may be a little more concerned about the colour and appearance.  We are using this cosy Chilli Dog Black & Silver Faux Suede & Fleece Dog Bed as an example but you can have a look at the huge range of dog beds we have to choose from in our dog beds section.

Identity Tag


An identity tag with your name, address, telephone number engraved on it can make reuniting you with your dog so much easier and ensuring you meet the legal requirement in the UK.  There are many different styles and designs to suit your pet’s personality and your image.  We like this Purple Glitter Hearts Dog ID Tag but you can choose your own design from our varied dog ID tag range.

Dog Toys


Dogs love to chew and demolish anything they see around them.  In order to prevent them from destroying your favourite slippers it is prudent to ensure that they have a variety of toys to chomp on.  Toys are also great for when you go out for a walk because your dog will love returning a slimy chewed toy after you have thrown it.  We really like this nostalgic Good Boy Lob it Space Hopper Toy because it reminds us of happy days bouncing around when we were kids.

Leads and Collar


Ensuring that your dog is safe and can be controlled is your utmost responsibility therefore it is important that you choose good quality leads and collars that will not break easily or slip off.  This Ezydog Neo Dog Collar Blue is robust and combined with an Ezydog Lead will make sure that your dog is safe and secure.

Food Bowl And Good Quality Food


You can buy many different dog bowls in different designs, sizes and prices.  We are showing a Savic Spaniel or Poodle Dog Bowl as an example but you can choose from a wide range of dog bowls on our site. As long as the bowl is clean and water and food is fresh your dog will be wagging its tail with delight.

If you have any questions you would like to ask about preparing for your new pet just contact us using this link and we will help you in any way we can.