January is a time for looking at our lives and deciding how we can live healthier and more fulfilling lives. One way to exercise is by taking your dog for a walk, not only do you both get fresh air and exercise you also get the opportunity to meet other dog walkers. Whether you have a trusty long term canine companion or a brand new bounding puppy it is essential that you put their collars on correctly so that your pet doesn’t manage to slip out and cause damage to themselves or other people. Ezydog have solved the problem of always having to adjust the size of your dog’s collar by adding a clever buckle that means that you will never have to slip your dog’s collar on ever again.

How Does The Ezydog Checkmate Training Collar Work?

The Ezydog Checkmate Training Collar is a low level collar that combines a martingale design with a click buckle meaning that you can set the collar size without having to resize it every time you put it on your dog. You don’t necessarily have to be training your dog to purchase an Ezydog Checkmate Training Collar, as many people buy them for increased control. Slip collars and Martingale collars provide control by tightening and causing your dog discomfort so that they stop pulling at the lead. The Ezydog Checkmate collar provides control by tightening without discomfort so it is a great choice for owners who are concerned about hurting their pets.

Safety Features

The Ezydog Checkmate Training Collar is perfect for walking during the short winter days as they have a reflective trim for night time visibility and for extra security it is finished with a rock solid stainless steel D ring. Collars are available in three sizes; small (260 - 340 mm), Medium (340 - 450 mm) and large (440 - 650 mm). The Ezydog Checkmate Training Collar is available in red, black, chocolate, blue and camo colours so you can buy one to coordinate with your coat.

Ezydog Range

Team your Ezydog Checkmate Training Collar with any of our Ezydog products and you will be certain that your dog will remain safe and controllable in many different weather conditions. Remember our pets rely on us for their safety. If you would like more information about our Ezydog products please contact us for further details.