No matter how big or how small, short haired or long haired all dogs need grooming, and some more than others.  A good grooming routine is essential for your dog’s health and wellbeing.  Whether it is just a brush, bath, or the full works, with our range of products it is something you can do easily at home. So here are some tips to help you groom your dog safely and effectively:

Depending on the breed of your dog, brushing may need or may not need to be a daily activity.  Doing it thoroughly will both prevent any big knots from forming which may become matted, and also distribute oils from the skin throughout the coat. To be even more thorough a dog de-shedding tool can be used to remove loose hair from under the dog’s coat. 

Different length coats will require a different brush or comb, we stock a wide range of brushes to suit all sizes and hair types. While brushing take special care around ears and tummy areas, so you do not hurt any sensitive parts and make sure you don’t miss a spot.  

In general your dog will only need bathing around every three months or so but may require more frequent baths in the summertime if they spends lots of time with you outdoors. Bathing too often can dry out the skin and do more harm than good.  We have a large range of shampoos and sprays to suit your and your dog or puppies’ needs, you’ll be sure to find what you need.  Begin shampooing at the tail, leaving the head until last, massaging in circular motions, being careful around the head and eyes.

When done, rinse thoroughly.  If you like your dog’s coat to dry naturally then you are done, otherwise towel dry or use a blow dryer very carefully. A good quality or microfibre towel dries four times faster than a regular towel, reduce split ends, fuzziness and significantly decreases drying times! 

Your dog may need another brush before you begin and needless to say you should take extreme care when cutting your dog’s hair.  The Premo Professional Grooming Scissors are great for general maintainence and removing tangles.

Nails, teeth, eyes and ears
Lastly you need to take care of the smaller things.  We sell general wipes and wipes specifically for the easy and ears clean and healthy and to avoid using cotton buds or other things which may cause damage. It is important to check your dog's ears occasionally for ear mites, wax and fungus.  Dogs with long or floppy eyes need to be checked more regularly. 

When cleaning teeth, remember not to use human toothpaste as it is poisoness to dogs. The Medipet Teeth Gel freshens breath and keeps teeth clean.

Depending where you walk your dogs it might be necessary to trim their nails, especially if they don’t walk on the road much.  If they are walked a lot on a hard surface thenails may have worn down themselves and not need to be trimmed. A good quality sharp pair of clippers will make the job easy.

There is nothing better a dog with a perfectly groomed coat and a happy owner!