If you have ever wondered why your dog absolutely devours any food you put in front of it,  then a little bit of understanding of how wild dogs eat may help explain.  In the wild dogs tend to gorge themselves when any kind of food is available and live off the nourishment  for several days.  Of course domestic dogs are fed at regular intervals throughout the day, but the overriding instinct of survival still remains and dogs generally feast on whatever food is put in front of them.  If we were to give into the demands of our dog’s appetite we would end up with obese and unhealthy pets.  Therefore it is fundamentally important that we provide our dogs with a healthy diet, this can be achieved by organising a menu plan of natural healthy food or if time is limited choosing a brand of food, such as Eukanuba,  which provides your dog with all of the nutrition he requires.

Guidelines For Feeding

These tips from the, ‘RSPCA Complete Dog Manual’, provide sound advice on how to feed your dog.

  • Provide prepared foods from a reputable manufacturer.

  • Never offer spoiled or Stale food to your dog.

  • A bowl of fresh water should always be available.

  • Never feed a dog cat food.  It is too high in protein.

  • Always serve your dog’s food at room temperature.

  • Dispose of any canned or moist food left uneaten.

  • Discard leftover dry food at the end of each day.

  • Watch your dog’s weight.  Do not let it get fat.

  • Never feed your dog brittle bones, for example chicken.

  • Consult your vet for advice if your dog refuses to eat for 24 hours, since this may indicate illness.

Eukanuba Dog and Puppy Food

Eukanuba believe that dogs evolve from carnivores and should be fed accordingly. Eukanuba also appreciate that all dogs have slightly different dietary needs and have customised their foods accordingly.  The main source of protein in Eukanuba dog food is from chicken or lamb rather than vegetables. The food is available in a range of different sized bags and classified as either puppy, adult, senior or large breed.  Eukanuba have also devised formula for different breeds of dogs such as; Bull Terrier, Cocker Spaniel, Boxer, Labrador, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, West Highland Terrier and Jack Russell.

Daily Water Requirements

Dogs are as dependant on water as humans are and require access to clean fresh water at all times.  They lose water daily in urine, faeces, panting and minimally through their pads.  Your dog can become very ill of it is deprived of water for 48 hours.  Canned food has a higher water content than dried food but it is simply not enough to satisfy your dog’s needs.  Try to fill your dog’s water bowl to the same level every day so that you can notice straight away if they are not drinking as much as usual.  If you do notice that your dog is not drinking as much please take him to the vets as soon as possible, as this may indicate an internal disorder

If you would like to have further advice on which type of dog food is best for your pet you are welcome to contact us via our contact form.