Christmas is a time for lots of fun and excitement especially for children and high spirited adults.  The whole house becomes a kaleidoscope of colour from decorations and wrapping paper and having family and friends around means that there will be a lot more noise in the house than usual.  It would seem that everything we enjoy about Christmas can cause danger and distress to our pets so it is important that we are aware of the hazards Christmas present to our furry friends.

Watch What They Eat

Chocolate and some Christmas plants are fatal for animals and Christmas dinner can contain bones which can cause animals to choke.  It is advisable to just feed your pet with their own food and treats rather than risking them eating your food.  We have a wide selection of Christmas dog treats that you can give to your pet.

Keep Shiny Objects Out Of Reach

Donny Reindeer Dog Toy

Everybody loves shiny objects and pets are no exception, if it isn’t your dog chewing all of the baubles, toys and tinsel it is your cat patting shiny objects on the tree and playing with them like a mouse.  Electrical wires are also wonderful to chew and can cause electric shocks as well as power cuts.  Make sure that you either fence off the Christmas tree or keep your pet away from temptation.  There are many great Christmas dog toys that you can choose for Fido instead.

Provide A Quiet Place


With all of the excitement and jolliness of Christmas your pet may either become overwhelmed with the increased noise and people around.  This may manifest itself as over excitement or distress.  The best thing you can do for your pet is provide a quiet area in the house away from the celebrations so that your dog can rest in his British Made Dog Bed in peace.

Keep Your Pet Inside


Your pet will feel as cold as you do, if you put a warm dog coat on your dog they will enjoy walks outside safe from the cold.  Keep your pets inside as much as possible to keep them warm and comfortable.  Hazards such as antifreeze in water features and an increase in traffic accidents means that you must ensure that your pet is safe when they go outside.

If you would like to have further advice regarding looking after your pet in winter contact us at 4 Pets Store and we would be delighted to help.