Which KONG is right for you dog


Dogs are the same as humans they have two sets of teeth in their life. Puppies develop their sharp baby teeth between three and six weeks of age. A puppy at this age does not have molars as the food they are eating at this age does not require grinding. As our puppies grow they shed their baby teeth as the adult teeth push through this usually happens at about four to five months of age. This process can be painful and frustrating as the puppy clamp his mouth around every thing from hands, body parts, expensive shoes and table legs. In an attempt to relieve the discomfort The Puppy KONG dog toy is is recommended as the rubber is gentle on growing teeth and jaws and helps to promote the entry of growing teeth and promotes healthy chewing habits.


Most of our dogs have their adult teeth at six to seven months, most dogs have 42 teeth.  the order in which our dogs teeth are replaced are incisors first, then canies (fangs) followed by premolars and the molars last.  During this growing period teeth and jaws are getting strronger and our dogs need to keep up with that change.  When the adult teeth are fully through the dogs should move from the Puppy KONG to the Classic Red KONG or the black KONG Extreme which KONG you choose will bepends of the breed and their chewing habits.  Take a look at the relevent KONG products for further advice.