The RSPCA states, ‘Every dog deserves a good home, where they can be healthy and happy.’ Nobody ever buys a dog with the intention of mistreating them but sometimes our lack of knowledge can mean that we don’t provide our pet with the correct care they require.  When we fail to look after our pets properly they start to suffer from symptoms of neglect that manifest themselves as illness and bad behaviour.  It is much easier to prevent illness and behaviour issues than it is to correct them, so when you take your new dog home make sure you have a clear plan on how you intend to care for them.

A Safe Place to Sleep

When choosing where your dog is going to sleep make sure that the space is dry and warm with plenty of space for your dog to move around.  Your dog is naturally curious so make sure that there is nothing nearby that your dog can ingest and cause illness. Make sure that the dog bed is big enough and comfortable.  Danish Designs Deluxe Slumber Dogs Beds provide a lovely cosy base for your dog to sleep.  Make sure that the dog bed is not placed in a walkway where people will be coming or going because it will definitely unsettle your dog.  Make sure that you give your dog the opportunity to go to the toilet every two to three hours and that they get chance to exercise during the day.  A bored dog is a destructive and a troublesome dog so make sure that you choose suitable dog toys for him to chew and play with.  

Luxury Danish Designs Dog Bed

Danish Designs is a luxury dog bed range that not only provides a comfortable place for your pet to sleep but also enables you to coordinate your dog’s accessories with the decor in your house.  As well as looking stylish Danish Designs dog beds also come in a variety of shapes and coverings so that you can keep the smallest to the biggest dog and the messiest to the cleanest dog comfortable and happy.

If you would like to learn more about the Danish Designs dog beds we have available please contact us here.