We are please to announce that are are not stocking the full range of WildWash Pet Shampoo. This 100% Natural Pet Shampoo is British Made and contains No Parabens, No Phosphates, No Sulphates, No Phthalates, No Petrochemicals and No PEGs.

To compliment the Wildwash Pet range there is a 100% natural conditioning shampoo, flea shampoo and two dog spritz sprays to keep your dogs smelling fresh in between bath times.

For those dogs that like to roll around in fox poo the Stinky Dog Shampoo is specially designed to combat the odour and will even eradicate the toughest smells naturally

The full range of WildWash Natural Pet Shampoo comprises of senior dog shampoo, conditioner, dog conditioning shampoo, flea off dog shampoo, puppy love shampoo, stinky dog shampoo, super sensitive dog shampoo, smell fresh spritz spray and smell sweet spritz spray.